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Frequently Asked Questions


Starting Weed Delivery:

How do I get weed delivery?
Give us a call at (310) 310-0651 to place your order with one of our friendly staff or visit our menu page to order at our online store.

How long is the delivery time after I place the order?
Delivery times between are 15-60 mins, typically.

What happens after I place the order?
Once the order is placed you will get a text message from our staff confirming we’ve received your order with the ETA, a request for a photo of you holding your ID and instructions on how to collect your order.

Why do you need a picture of me and my ID?
We love seeing your beautiful faces! We want to protect you and our drivers. We ask for a picture to match your face when we arrive with the order. Security!

What are acceptable forms of ID?
Valid Driver’s license issued by the State
State issued identification Card
The government of foreign Identification

How will I know my order is on the way?
You will receive a text notification when the driver is enroute!

What are your payment options?
At this time we are cash only.

How do I collect my weed?
You will meet your driver at the passenger side window with your ID. They will scan your ID, collect your digital signature, confirm your cash and hand over the order.

What to do with the weed?
Blaze it up, tag us on Instagram @alpacaclubla and tell us about your experience! We love reviews too! Receive a 15% off promo code towards your next order! Do both and you get two codes.

Do I need a medical card ?
No, you do not need a medical card. The state of California is recreation. Medical card holders benefit from a lower tax amount and have a higher purchase threshold.

Do I need to have a local ID?
Nope! We do offer a discount for those who do. Ask your service agent for more information.

What are the fees and taxes associated with ordering?
When it comes to taxes there are 3 types to be paid, 27% excise, 10% City, and 9.5% State. We don’t charge any service fees, as long as the purchase total meets your local service area minimum. If the order is under our minimum order it is a $20 delivery fee.

Will you deliver outside the service area?
Yes we will! Give us a call to quote your delivery address.

Does the driver come to the door?
Unfortunately, no parking ticket expenses can add up really quick, plus security of the vehicles. Please be kind and meet us at the car.

Why do I want to create a client profile?
LOYALTY! We reward you for being loyal. We track all your purchases so you can rack up points. This information also helps us keep out shelves stocked with products you prefer!

Can another person collect my order?
Unfortunately, not at this time. The ID on file must match to the person collecting the order.


Orders in Progress:

Can I change my delivery window or reschedule?
Yes you can! Please let us know fast as we would hate to send our driver where you are not!

Can I change my delivery address?
Yes, you can change your delivery address. Please let your service agent know and they will update your client profile.

Can I change my order if I’ve already placed it?
Yes! We want you to have the medicine you like! Reach out to your service agent to let them know.