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Welcome To the Herd!

The Hella Fast Weed Delivery Service

Venice • Santa Monica • Marina Del Ray • K-Town

Where We Deliver Hella Fast

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Visiting the Venice Beach Boardwalk or The Whaler bar and grill? An Alpaca can deliver you weed wherever you are!

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica

Taking a stroll at the Promenade or enjoying the Santa Monica Pier? An Alpaca can get anyone over the age of 21, weed, hella fast!

Marina Del Ray

Taking the boat out sailing? Weed is great for motion sickness. An Alpaca can make sure you get only the best care!


Here to see K-towns famous night life scene? Local and don’t want to move your car? This pack of Alpaca’s got you on on hella fast delivery!

What to expect

ALL Taxes Included!

No surprises! The price you see is the price you pay.

Fast Delivery!

 Average delivery time is 30-60 minutes!

Friendly Service!

Alpacas are the happiest when delivering weed!

Hands down the best delivery I have ordered my weed from! They menu is full of unique brands and strains! It so refreshing be able to choose flower form a menu with brands you can’t find in every shop. On top of that their service was fast and the driver was so nice!


5 Star Review, WeedMaps

Thank you time and time for your reliable and higher end quality dank bank menu! Loving my 91 cookies and vanilla frosting flowers right now✨ See you sooner than later . ALSO buying all my ganja from a woman feels better! Shoutout to Goldie🙏🏼


5 Star Review, Weedmaps

Great selection and killer first time deal. Service was friendly, helpful, and fast. Flower was fresh and blew me away. Definitely ordering again.


5 Star Review, Weedmaps